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Galley Foods

We want you to be well fed. Each dish comes with a hearty protein and two sides, which will keep you energetic and fueled until your next meal. And your next meal won’t be boring—our menu changes daily and delivers variety that will please everyone from the picky eaters to the adventurers with no reservations.

We want you to eat with your eyes as well as your stomach. Each meal comes with instructions for reheating and artful plating so that you, your family, and any guests may enjoy an elevated home-cooked meal with restaurant-style presentation.

We care deeply about the process behind our food. Our produce and proteins are locally and responsibly sourced, of the highest quality, and organic whenever possible. Our menu selections are curated with care and prepared with your nutrition in mind, with no dish exceeding 800 calories. We don’t mask our meals with excess sugar, salt, and butter, or a deep, oily fry—instead, we prepare everything in house from scratch or order directly from food artisans we trust.

We treat our servers and chefs with the respect they deserve. We honor their time and work with a comfortable wage and benefits. We’re confident that our commitment to them reflects in their commitment and service to you.

Speaking of service, if you loved your meal, we want to hear about it. If you think we could have done something better, we want to hear that, too. Galley is here and happy to help.

Meet Our Founders

Alan Clifford

CEO, Co-Founder

Ian Costello