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About our food.

There’s no other way to say this... we are really into food. We never take shortcuts—we make everything in our kitchen with fresh ingredients that day. Roasted red pepper tomato sauce? We roasted the peppers ourselves and made the sauce from scratch. Chicken pot pie? The light, flaky crust was hand-rolled and the filling mixed that day. The only exceptions are our bread and pasta, which come from local artisans we know and trust.

The nutrition facts.

Galley meals are designed to be nutritious and fuel a healthy and active lifestyle. Each dinner meal is targeted to be between 600–800 calories in nutritional value, but there is always at least one option that is well below 600 calories. Our ingredients speak for themselves, so we’re never tempted to go overboard with butter, oil, and salt. Soon, we’ll be posting the full nutrition facts for each dish.

We source locally and responsibly.

We strive to work directly with farms in the mid-Atlantic year-round. Sourcing locally not only provides us with the absolute freshest ingredients, but also it helps to save the environment. We use a mix of both organic and conventional produce so we can use the best available product at any given time. Each month, we choose suppliers based on availability.

Our beef, pork, and lamb are hormone- and antibiotic-free and come from farms within 300 miles whenever possible. Our poultry is hormone- and antibiotic-free and raised humanely within 150 miles of our kitchens. All of our proteins are top quality, as rated by the USDA, and are always delivered to us fresh, never frozen.

We use sustainable and traceable sources for our seafood. Wild-caught fish must come from sources where the fishing practices support maintaining the wild population. For farmed seafood, we require that our sources use innovative aquaculture systems that maintain or improve the surrounding environment. Our seafood is super fresh, and arrives at our kitchens within 48 hours of leaving the water.

This month’s farms include: